Crane Operator Training Customized for Your Equipment and Processes

Crane Operator Training Customized for Your Equipment and Processes

O’Brien crane operator training provides hands-on training on the equipment you and your operators use every day. While some crane operator training programs may be generic or more academic or classroom-based, O’Brien’s training offers in-house training with small class sizes, practicing and demonstrating safe and efficient crane operator training on actual equipment in a “real life” environment.

Crane operator training

Why is Crane Operator Training So Important?

Safety and compliance are two of the most important reasons to ensure your crane operators are up to date on their training.

Crane operation can be dangerous – both for the operator, and the people, products, and equipment around them. Accidents can cause costly damage – or worse – injury and loss of life. In many regions, crane operators are required to take specific training and gain certifications to operate their crane equipment.

O’Brien crane operator training focuses on safe and efficient crane operation, helping operators understand potential risks, and how to mitigate them.

Crane-Related Accidents, Injuries, and Deaths on the Rise

According to Crane and Hoist Canada, crane injuries and deaths occur in high numbers each year, and safety experts believe that most crane accidents are caused by human error. That’s why creating a culture of safety at your work site is critical.

Providing crane operators with proper safety training regarding Occupational Health & Safety standards can help them avoid accidents and injuries…as well as potential fines for non-compliance.

Other Benefits

In addition to improving safety and ensuring compliance with local regulations, the crane operator training can help your business:

  • Operate more efficiently – qualified crane operators know how to use the crane efficiently, which can help them complete their work quicker, lowering overall costs.
  • Improve equipment maintenance – O’Brien’s training covers basic inspection and maintenance, helping operators identify (and potentially fix) problems before they become costly issues. This helps prevent crane breakdown or failure, keeping your operations running smoothly.
  • Enjoy a great reputation – investing in training demonstrates your company’s commitment to safety and quality. This can enhance your reputation with your clients, and improve your reputation as a top employer.

What Do O’Brien Crane Operator Training Programs Provide?

O’Brien crane operator training covers:

  • Electric overhead cranes and components
  • Safe lifting apparatuses
  • Basic equipment inspections
  • Proper operation of lifting equipment

Classes last 6 – 8 hours and include in-class training, hands-on demonstrations, and a written test and review. To maximize training benefits, we offer only small class sizes – each session has a maximum of 10 students. Students receive a Certificate of Accomplishment upon successful completion of the course.

Courses are offered regularly at the O’Brien Facility in Burlington, Ontario.

Customized Training at Your Site

Want even more customized, specific training? O’Brien can also put together a training presentation right at your facility – on the equipment your operators use every day. This adds an extra level to your training regime, helping you feel confident your operators know how to use the exact equipment they’re required to use each day.

Interested in O’Brien Crane Operator Training? Reach Out Today!

The crane experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions are committed to providing you with training that helps ensure workplace safety and efficiency. We know that every minute of your business counts. Qualified crane operators can help make sure you finish your jobs safely – on time, and on budget – maximizing your profits and your reputation. We’ve been in business for 60 years, and in that time, we’ve worked on almost every kind of crane in the market. 

When you’re ready for crane operator training, O’Brien is ready for you. Contact us by email, or call us at 1-866-706-1203 to find out more.

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