Rytec Turbo-Seal Overhead Door

Rytec Turbo-Seal Overhead Door: Tight spaces call for the Turbo-Seal door

Where traffic patterns near the doorway are tight and high speed is critical, the Turbo-Seal® ultra high-speed door is your best solution.

Such situations tend to create greater potential for doors to get hit because of the relatively short approach to the door, which in some cases forces equipment to enter the door at an angle. The extra speed (up to 100 inches per second) offered by the Turbo-Seal minimizes that potential by getting the door out of the way faster. And even if it does get hit, it can be reset without tools in just seconds.

Opens at up to 100 inches per second.

Dual electric photo eyes and pneumatic, dual-chamber reversing edge in the bottom bar are standard. Optional, replaceable windows for visibility.

Takes a Hit
Quick-Set™,  Break-Away™ tabs allow the bottom bar to be reset without tools in just seconds, virtually eliminating door downtime.

Low Profile
Side columns are only 8 inches wide with 6 inches of projection. Fits virtually anywhere.

Low Maintenance
Dual guided counterweights help ensure smooth, maintenance-free operation.

Easy Installation
Modular construction and pre-wiring allow for quick installation.