Industrial Gantry Crane Experts

Industrial Gantry Crane Experts

An industrial gantry crane is a crane typically used in industrial sites – like manufacturing, construction, and warehouses. Full and semi-gantry cranes are a cost effective solution for material handling. A gantry crane is a crane built on top of a set of legs, or a single leg, moving along a set of wheels or wheels on the ground. They’re ideal for when you need a portable lifting solution, or if you don’t have a proper supporting structure for an overhead crane. 

But portable doesn’t mean “lightweight”. While some gantry cranes are designed as small shop lifting solutions, industrial gantry crane designs can also be used in some of the toughest applications – like steel yards and ports. They can be designed for indoor or outdoor applications – or both, moving interchangeable between environments. 

Portable Industrial Gantry Crane

A portable industrial gantry crane is a completely mobile crane that usually runs on polyurethane wheels. This crane is perfect for light lifting in smaller manufacturing and fabrication shops. The whole crane system can be easily moved within a worksite, or moved to an entirely new location if needed.

The O’Brien portable industrial gantry crane features lifting capacities up to 10,000 lbs, spans up to 40 feet, with available fixed and adjustable height options. Interested in a portable gantry crane for your business? Request a quote for a portable gantry crane.

O’Brien Semi-Gantry Crane

A semi-gantry crane – also called a half-gantry crane – features a gantry structure at one end (supported by one leg or a set of legs), with a runway or track on either end. Sort of a cross between the functionality of a gantry crane and overhead crane, without needing the structural building supports required for an overhead crane. You’ll see industrial semi-gantry cranes used to load and unload materials from one side of a facility, handling heavy parts in manufacturing environments, with the flexibility to function in an outdoor space.

O’Brien semi-gantry industrial gantry cranes can lift capacities up to 20,000 lbs, and are perfect for centralized workstations.

If you are in the market for a semi-gantry crane, request a quote from O’Brien.

Full Industrial Gantry Crane

A powerhouse lifting solution, the full industrial gantry crane is a bridge crane with the bridge crane runway at the floor vs. ceiling level. They’re used in the toughest applications like shipyards, scrap yards, steel mills and railyards to move huge loads.

The full industrial gantry cranes offered by O’Brien can lift and move loads up to 50,000 lbs, and are suitable for use indoors and out. We also offer single or double-girder options.

Request a quote for full industrial gantry cranes from O’Brien today.

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