Need a Flexible Small Jib Crane Kit?

Need a Flexible Small Jib Crane Kit?

Need a Flexible Small Jib Crane Kit?

small jib crane kitA small jib crane kit makes crane installation easy. Jib crane kits contain all the hardware you need to get your crane working quickly. At O’Brien Lifting Solutions jib cranes are one of our more popular, durable, and flexible lifting equipment options. Our engineers can custom-design jib crane solutions for light or heavy-duty lifting, in tight or open spaces. Small jib crane kits are cost-effective and simple to install.

If your production process requires speed, repetition, and accuracy, then a small jib crane kit might be perfect for you. Our team will help you select a small jib crane kit, or custom-design a solution to your exact specifications. And O’Brien Lifting Solutions is the industry benchmark manufacturer of jib cranes in North America. We have what you need – request a quote today.

O’Brien Lifting Solutions: Cranes, Small Jib Crane Kits, Doors, and Dock Equipment

In 1963, brothers Hubert and George O’Brien founded O’Brien Lifting Solutions. They believed in the values of hard work, innovation, and exceptional service. Those same values still drive our business today. We’re a family business, and we treat our customers like family too.

And 60 years later, we’re constantly innovating and evolving. We’re always on the lookout for new partners and new solutions to help our clients grow. We grow when our clients succeed.

You might know O’Brien because of cranes, but we do so much more. We provide complete loading dock solutions – commercial doors and docks with everything you need to load and unload safely and efficiently. Our commercial door offering ranges from rolling steel doors, to hardy rubber doors, as well as fire doors, security grilles, and gates. And hoists? We boast the world’s most comprehensive range of advanced hoists. Want to work with us? Reach out to O’Brien today by calling us at 1-866-939-4541 or contacting us online.

How About Those Hoists?

What is a crane without a hoist? Well, it’s pretty much a beam. If you’re looking for a small jib crane kit, we’ll also need to talk about hoists. And boy do we have hoists. From a quarter-ton to 200-ton capacity, we have a complete line of standard hoists, custom-configured hoists, and accessories. A lot in stock, which means we can deliver on demand. Can the competition say that? We partner with Street Crane and Kito Canada, to give you access to the world’s most comprehensive lineup of advanced hoists. When you need a manual hoist, air hoist, electric chain hoist, or wire rope hoist, contact O’Brien for the right equipment, delivered quickly.

Contact O’Brien for Overhead Crane Solutions and Small Jib Crane Kits

Perhaps you don’t need a small jib crane kit, maybe you’re looking for overhead crane solutions instead. You can trust the O’Brien Lifting Solutions team to design and install the perfect overhead crane solution to meet your process specifications and work environment. Whether your space calls for a top-running overhead crane, under-running overhead crane, or monorail crane, O’Brien has you covered. We can provide standard, modified, or custom-built solutions for your heavy-duty material handling jobs. And all our cranes are designed to meet and exceed CMAA (Crane Manufacturers Association of America) specifications. Request a quote for your job.

From Small Jib Crane Kits to Doors and Docks…O’Brien Does it All

We know that in your business time means money. At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we pride ourselves on designing and installing it right… the first time. That means whether you need a small jib crane kit or a complete door and dock solution, we’ll get you up and working fast. And if something breaks down (because that happens), our 24/7 emergency repair service will get you back to work quickly. We stock a comprehensive inventory of parts to minimize wait time…and maximize your productivity. There are thousands of reasons to choose O’Brien Lifting Solutions. Contact us today to find out why we’re right for your business.

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