O’Brien Lifting Solutions: The Experts For Overhead Cranes, Jib Cranes and More

O’Brien Lifting Solutions: The Experts For Overhead Cranes, Jib Cranes and More

O’Brien is THE source for over head cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes and workstation cranes. We offer a complete range of reliable, versatile and innovative lifting solutions to help meet any lifting need, big or small. Whether you’re looking for a large overhead crane to lift the largest loads efficiently and reliably, or a small workstation crane to lift light loads over and over, O’Brien Lifting Solutions has what you need.

What Are Over head Cranes?

Over head cranes (also called bridge cranes) consist of a beam or bridge suspended from a ceiling or structure with a hoist that travels along the beam. They can lift loads up and down, and move them via a trolley along the beam. Because they are typically anchored to building supports, overhead cranes are able to lift some of the heaviest loads. 

Because they are used for heavy-duty lifting applications, overhead cranes are often seen in manufacturing plants, construction sites, and warehouses, shifting loads that would otherwise be difficult to move, while increasing productivity and safety on the site.

There are two main types of overhead cranes, top-running and under-running. O’Brien offers a wide selection of overhead crane solutions in single-girder or double-girder configurations. We provide standard, modified, or custom-engineered overhead crane systems for all your material handling needs. And all our cranes are designed to meet or exceed Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CCMA) standards. Contact O’Brien for a quote today.

O’Brien Top-Running Over head Crane Solutions

With top-running overhead cranes, the hoist travels on a trolley that travels on top of the crane’s runway system. They can easily be built to handle both small or large-capacity loads.

These types of overhead cranes are anchored to the building structure or runway support columns and are ideal for moving extremely heavy loads. Depending on the design, the benefits of a top-running overhead crane can include a heavy load capacity, fast hoist and trolley speed, and great value for your money. If you are interested in building or replacing a top-running overhead crane, check out O’Brien’s wide selection of overhead cranes.

O’Brien Under-Running Over head Crane Solutions

Under-running over head cranes work well in areas with limited headroom. That’s because, with an under-running crane, the hoist and trolley travel underneath the support beam or beams, maximizing lift height inside a building. Under-running overhead cranes are most often single-girder for lighter-duty applications. But that doesn’t mean that under-running cranes can’t be designed to lift heavier loads.

O’Brien overhead cranes are designed for multiple work environments, setting the benchmark in the industry.

Get a quote for top-running or under-running overhead crane solutions from O’Brien by calling us at 1-866-670-1224 or by contacting us for an online quote.

O’Brien – The Experts in Over head Cranes, Crane Service, Loading Docks, and Commercial Garage Doors Since 1963

At O’Brien, we’re experts in all types of cranes, commercial doors, and dock solutions. We design, install, service, and repair your equipment to keep your operation running efficiently and smoothly. O’Brien takes great pride in being an industry-leader, offering a wide range of solutions and a huge inventory of parts to ensure we have the solution our clients can count on.

If your equipment breaks down, make O’Brien your first call. With one of the largest part inventories in North America, and professional service teams ready to go 24/7, we’ll get you back up and running FAST. With exceptional customer service and innovation as the beating heart of our organization, you can count on O’Brien to respond to every call quickly and skillfully. Whether you need crane service, commercial garage door repair, or crane or commercial door design solutions to maximize your productivity, contact O’Brien today.

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