Overhead Cranes

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Overhead cranes, commonly referred to as a bridge cranes, are lifting devices that are elevated on parallel runways, which typically run the full length of the facility. A travelling bridge spans the gap of the runway. A Hoist is used to lift and handle the load as it travels along the span of the bridge. Your crane operator will have the versatility to lift the desired load to any destination inside the facility.

Our overhead cranes come in many styles and configurations to allow for a custom fit. As a Canadian manufacturer, O’Brien’s product experts and engineers have the unique ability to transform your lifting requirements into product specifications when designing and eventually fabricating your right-fit crane system.

If you need help choosing the overhead crane that is right for you Read This Information Guide.

Maximizing Workplace Efficiency

O’Brien overhead crane systems set the industry benchmark for quality. With over 55 years of experience we’ve manufactured and successfully integrated high-quality overhead crane systems for every industry application. Our sales representatives & product engineers work together, under one roof, to make certain your lifting expectations are met the first time.

Overhead Crane Designs