O’Brien Commercial Doors – Protect Your Business with Commercial Fire Doors

O’Brien Commercial Doors – Protect Your Business with Commercial Fire Doors

While many customers know us for our high-quality garage doors and loading bay solutions, O’Brien also sells and installs a variety of commercial doors from security grilles to fire doors. So when you’re thinking of buying commercial doors, think O’Brien Lifting Solutions. We have the product you need, and the expertise to help you select and install the right commercial doors to meet your needs.

O’Brien Commercial Doors – Why Do You Need Fire Doors?

Commercial fire doors are required by building codes in many commercial and industrial applications…and increasingly in residential use. When combined with a fire detection system or operating system, fire shutters and fire doors can be designed to close automatically at the first sign of smoke or fire. This helps stop the fire from spreading within your facility, or to neighbouring buildings.

Local building codes may require fire doors in certain instances – for example, for a lunchroom or concession stand, or in businesses where flammable materials are stored and used in production. Many areas in North America follow standards set by the National Fire Protection Association. Fire doors must be inspected annually for fire resistance and drop, with inspections documented.  

If you need to install or replace a fire door, seek advice from a certified professional familiar with the latest building code requirements. 

As part of our offering of specialty commercial doors, O’Brien carries quality lines of commercial fire doors and fire counter shutters to help protect your building from fire damage.

Other Benefits of Fire Doors and Fire Shutters

In addition to fire containment, fire doors, and fire shutters offer numerous other benefits for your facility, including:

  • Protecting your people – properly planned fire shutters and fire doors help keep escape routes for employees clear of fire and smoke, allowing workers and guests to exit the building safely.
  • Regulatory compliance – as mentioned earlier, in many cases commercial doors like fire doors and fire shutters are required by building codes or local fire regulations.
  • Lower insurance premiums – installing fire doors or fire shutters may be required for obtaining insurance or may lower your premiums if installed.

What Should You Look for in a Fire Door or Fire Shutter?

Fire doors are not one-size-fits-all solutions. You will need to consider several factors when purchasing and installing a commercial fire door or fire shutter.

  • Size – fire doors and shutters must be installed with an exact, tight, fit to block smoke and fire from breaching the doors.
  • Fire resistance rating – rating for fire doors and shutters is measured in time the door should help prevent the spread of fire. Common ratings are 1 – 3 hours.
  • Material – fire doors and shutters can be insulated or uninsulated, and are typically made from steel or other high-quality materials designed to be fire-resistant.
  • Closing mechanism – fire doors and fire shutters can be designed to close automatically when the fire is detected, or manually using a button or chain. Some fire doors can be designed to stop closing leaving an escape route at the bottom of the closure.
  • Drop speed – commercial fire doors and fire shutters can have different drop speeds (ranging from about 6 inches per second to 2 feet per second, depending on fire risk.

In addition, proper installation is critical – Commercial fire doors and shutters should be installed by experts with experience in fire door installation.  

O’Brien Offers a Range of Fire Door and Fire Shutter Solutions 

Experts in commercial door sales and installation, O’Brien offers a range of commercial doors, including fire doors and fire shutters.

O’Brien Commercial Fire Doors – O’Brien offers standard doors for interior and exterior applications.

  • Standard doors up to 30 feet wide by 30 feet high with quotes for larger custom applications available upon request.
  • Fast closing speeds range from 9 inches to 12 inches per second.
  • Fire resistance ratings up to 4 hours.

O’Brien Counter Fire Shutters – O’Brien offers top-of-the-line fire shutters designed for performance and style.

  • Available in flexible sizes to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Variable closing speeds range from 6 inches to 2 feet per second.
  • Fire resistance ratings up to 3 hours.

O’Brien Commercial Doors – Roll Up Doors, Loading Bays, Fire Doors, Fire Shutters and Security Grilles

When you are in the market for commercial doors, you can trust O’Brien Lifting Solutions to have the right door for your needs. Plus, we have expert installers, fast service, and an unbeatable parts inventory to get you up and running quickly! For installation, maintenance, and repair for your commercial doors, call O’Brien today – 1-866-399-2267.

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