Overhead Crane Service Helps Tackle Common Problems with Overhead Cranes

Overhead Crane Service Helps Tackle Common Problems with Overhead Cranes

Many overhead cranes need to lift the heaviest loads in challenging environments; that means overhead crane service and repair is a necessary part of keeping your overhead cranes in top shape. Neglecting overhead crane service can lead to costly breakdowns, production stoppages, and workplace injuries. 

The good news? With O’Brien, you can schedule overhead crane service during your production downtime to maximize your productivity. 

In this article, we’ll explore a few reasons why cranes may break down, and some of the common problems you should look for.

Crane Service Can Reduce Wear and Tear

Overhead cranes operate in heat and cold, dry, or humid environments, lifting heavy loads with precision. Even in the most optimal conditions, overhead crane components will see wear and tear over time.

But wear and tear problems can be made worse if the crane is lifting heavier loads or lifting more frequently than the initial design anticipated, or if other crane components (like the track, beam, or frame) become damaged or misaligned.

If the problem is components, regular overhead crane service can help spot the problems and correct them before they become larger – and more expensive! – issues.

If the problem is that the overhead crane is operating outside of the design parameters, don’t worry, you may not need to replace your entire system. Sometimes overhead crane upgrades can be made to bring your system up to spec.

Crane Service Can Identify Hoist Problems

Bent or damaged hooks or latches, fraying wires, or damaged chains can cause your hoist to break down, and potentially damage your entire crane system. Routine inspections during overhead crane service can identify these problems before they disrupt your system or become serious safety issues.

O’Brien proudly boasts the largest crane part inventory in North America – if you have a problem with your hoist, chances are we have the part you need to fix it, and get you back up and running quickly.

Crane Service Can Help Limit Damage from Corrosion and Rust

Overhead cranes operate in many complex environments – damage from the elements, from lifting hazardous materials, or from everyday wear and tear can cause the metal to corrode, rust, and break down. 

Expert crane service will help identify and treat problems with rust and corrosion. Repairing paint damage can help protect the crane structure, and rust inhibitors can be applied to limit damage, especially when you are working in harsh conditions.

Crane Service Can Help Limit Problems with Electrical Components and Control Systems

Like any complex modern machinery, overhead cranes work with a system of motors, computers, and electrical systems. All these systems can experience breakdowns for a variety of reasons. Inspecting and cleaning wires, connections, fuses, and control panels can help limit potential service disruptions.

Crane Service Makes “Cents” for Your Business

O’Brien overhead crane service makes sense – and more than just “cents” – for your business. At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we believe that the right time for crane service and commercial door repair is BEFORE problems begin.

Depending on crane configuration and use, the Canadian Standard Association Standard B167-16 (R2021) requires cranes to be inspected annually, semi-annually, or even quarterly. The experienced and highly-trained O’Brien service team completes all inspections according to regulations, performing a detailed visual inspection and operational testing to ensure your equipment is running safely and smoothly.

We keep a detailed record of the inspection and recommendations and can certify your equipment to make sure you remain compliant with safety regulations.

Choose O’Brien Overhead Crane Service for the Parts You Need and the Experience You Can Trust

Whether you need a one-off inspection or want to look at our Preventive Maintenance Packages, O’Brien delivers the overhead crane service you need to keep your production running smoothly. Contact O’Brien today.

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