Overhead Crane Solutions – Do You Need to Upgrade or Replace Your Equipment?

Overhead Crane Solutions – Do You Need to Upgrade or Replace Your Equipment?

Overhead crane solutions are a big capital cost. The best overhead crane solutions fit perfectly into your production process – saving you time, increasing productivity, and protecting your workers from heavy lifting.

But what happens when production needs or safety standards change? What happens when the equipment ages or breaks down? Will you need to replace the whole system, or can you upgrade and modernize to extend the life of your overhead crane solution?

To answer these questions, consult with the crane experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions – we can assess your systems and provide solutions to help solve your production problems, maximize safety on site, and ensure your equipment will continue to perform for years to come.

Consider Upgrading Your Crane Solutions When Production Needs Change

Overhead crane solutions

Your business needs are constantly changing and evolving. Your overhead crane solutions may need to adapt to a change in production like:

  • Lifting a new type of material
  • Lifting heavier loads
  • Making more frequent lifts
  • Moving material a longer distance

The experienced professionals at O’Brien Lifting Solutions can help you assess your new requirements and design a solution to meet your needs – that doesn’t necessarily involve new equipment.

For example, we can upgrade your runway for increased coverage and capacity. Make structural modifications to your overhead crane solutions to increase lifting capacity, or even upgrade your electrical, mechanical, and control systems to meet your new requirements.

In addition, we can remanufacture your existing hoists, or supply new hoists – manual, electric chain hoists, or wire rope hoists that will handle heavier loads.

Upgrading Your Overhead Crane Solutions to Meet Safety Standards

If inspections reveal a fault in your equipment, if safety requirements change, or your overhead crane solution is experiencing extra wear and tear, consider crane equipment upgrades and crane repairs.

At O’Brien, we know crane specifications inside and out. We can assess your current setup and provide you with solutions from replacing your system to upgrading parts to ensure your production keeps moving smoothly and safely.

Relocating Your Equipment

Whether you’re expanding your facility, shifting production to a different area, or even a whole new location, you can count on O’Brien to ensure the relocation goes smoothly. And while we’re at it, we’ll inspect and assess the parts for wear, and recommend any upgrades to ensure your overhead crane solutions continue to work at their best.

Plan Ahead to Minimize Disruptions

It’s also important to plan the best time to relocate or modify your equipment. While some repairs might be urgent, others can wait for the ideal time to minimize impact on your business.

Whether we’re performing emergency crane repairs, or helping plan upgrades to your overhead crane solutions during a routine facility shutdown, or during breaks in production shifts, the O’Brien team works hard to minimize work disruptions, and get you up and running as fast as possible.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Overhead Crane Solutions?

While upgrades and modernizations can be great solutions to prolong the life of your equipment or improve production, sometimes the best path forward is replacement. We may recommend replacing your overhead crane solutions when:

  • Your equipment has aged beyond its standard lifespan
  • Safety concerns cannot be resolved by upgrades
  • Crane performance has declined beyond the capacity to upgrade

Replacing your overhead crane solutions is not a minor investment, and the decision should be made using advice from the experts. You can trust O’Brien to provide solid advice and expertise. We value our clients’ business, and that means always keeping our clients interests in mind.

Considering Upgrading or Replacing Your Overhead Crane Solutions? Contact O’Brien Lifting Solutions Today

Make O’Brien Lifting Solutions your first call when you are considering replacing your overhead crane solutions. We may be able to suggest upgrades or modernizations to get the job done at a fraction of the cost! In the end, whether you can upgrade or you need to replace, you can count on O’Brien for trusted advice, the right equipment, and quick and efficient service to keep your business moving forward. Contact O’Brien today.

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